Churchill 2014

My “adventure” for 2014 is to ride north to the end of the road in Manitoba, Canada, and from there take the train the rest of the way up to Churchill, on the Hudson Bay. Our route will take us up through Michigan, around the north shore of Lake Superior and west to Winnipeg, Manitoba, north of the Minnesota-North Dakota border. From Winnipeg we will take Provincial Highway 6 north 470 miles to Thompson, and then Provincial Road 280 another 188 miles to Gillam, most of which is unpaved. At Gillam we catch the Hudson Bay Express train to Churchill.

Churchill route map_thumb[4]

This adventure will also be a “tryout” for an upcoming adventure trip to South America in early 2015. My cousin Dan Gingerich will accompany me on that trip and we thought it a good idea to take an extended ride before then just to make sure we are compatible riding companions. You see, we wouldn’t want to be on a 2-month trip only to find that one of us likes to stop frequently to smell the roses and the other likes to put in 10 hour days non-stop.

But this ride also has a direct connection to the South America trip, as you will see. More on that as the ride unfolds.

Here is my itinerary: